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Julia's latest painting

Posted by Julia Hawker on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 Under: Pictures and Paintings
And here it is, finished at last, my latest painting, called 'Swim To Greet the Sun'. I do hope you like it. I think it's the most colourful one I've painted. The sun beams down on the silent town; only the underwater creatures seem to notice the golden rays piercing the surface of the sea. They swarm towards the light to find ... ?

It was bought after being spotted, very much incomplete, on Facebook. On Sunday, Phil and I had the great pleasure of delivering it to its new owner. Luckily, she loved it! 

Thank you to everyone who suggested titles: they are all excellent ideas and could well appear in future work - keep your eyes peeled!

Prints of the painting will soon be available on the site.

In : Pictures and Paintings 

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