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Ribbons and Ripples

Pen and watercolour dye 

Prints only - original sold

I've been inspired by the restless sea and how it affects homes so close to its edge yet not the creatures beneath the waves. On land there is turmoil while, under the surface of the water, the creatures seem to be unaffected. Add a dash (or lots!) of colour and you have the result - 'Ribbons and Ripples'. I really hope you like it!

Ribbons and Ripples pen and watercolour painting unframed

Framed prints

10" x 8" - £22.50

16" x 12" - £45

20" x 16" - £67.50

Ripples and Ribbons print Light Wood Frame
Ribbons and Ripples print white frame
Ribbons and Ripples print black frame

Unframed mounted prints 

10" x 8" - £12.50

16" x 12" - £25

20" x 16" - £37.50

Ribbons and Ripples mount

Sizes refer to mount size. 

Actual frames size may vary slightly

20" x 16" frames hold A3 or 16" x 12" pictures

16" x 12" frames hold A4 or 12" x 8" pictures

10" x 8" frames hold A5 or 8" x 6" pictures

Frame colours black, white, light wood - other colours available on request

©Julia Hawker