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Sovereign Shingle

Ink and waterbased dyes

Prints only - original sold

Houses and flats for homes; the harbour for watery refuge; wooden groynes to hold the beach in place; Martello Tower no 66 to remind us of more violent, invasive times.

All these features, planned and built by us, are outlived by the natural beauty of the coast.

Sea-smoothed pebbles; hardened empty shells and starfish help to remind us of life where sea meets shore.

- Julia

Sovereign Sailors

Framed prints 

10" x 8" - £22.50

16" x 12" - £45

Unframed mounted prints 

10" x 8" - £11

16" x12" - £22

Sizes refer to mount size. 

Actual frames size may vary slightly

16" x 12" frames hold A4 or 12" x 8" pictures

10" x 8" frames hold A5 or 8" x 6" pictures

Frame colours black, white, light wood - other colours available on request

©Julia Hawker