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July 25, 2020
Go to our sale page in Summerlands Art shop for bargain priced mounted prints!


Crowded Planet

July 11, 2020
This is another painting by Julia which is now available.
It is entitled ‘Crowded Planet’ and the original in a 20” x 16” frame can now be purchased. Prints are also available.
So many people live in crowded accommodation, but hopefully not like this!

Escape the Chaos

June 28, 2020
Welcome back to Summerlands Art! We both realise it's been a long time since we last posted here and we are delighted to be able to finally rectify the situation. This painting by Julia, 'Escape the Chaos', is the first of a number of new paintings which we will be putting up. In these weird and scary times, we can still take pleasure in watching the birds soar above it all. We admire and envy their freedom in the skies. Stay safe and well.

Butterfly Field at Sunset

April 8, 2018
It's taken over a year and a half but the butterflies are finally back! This new digital original is called 'Butterfly Field at Sunset'. Prints are available from £12.50 (mounted unframed) or £25 (framed). Full details here

- Phil

In the Depths

February 26, 2018

Another new picture!

Swimming through the warm ocean currents, these fish are blissfully content with their liquid home!

Original £70
Prints from £8.50

See more details here

Hillside Homes

February 17, 2018

Our latest painting!

The river flows quickly down the hillside and floods into the plain, from where it meanders slowly to the sea. Homes can only be built upon the hills, out of harm's way.

Indelible ink and water-based dyes.

Original £90
Prints from £12.50

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We're back!

February 17, 2018

After far too long Summerlands Art is back!

Please forgive us for the long gap. We've moved across the country to sunny Weymouth with new works as well as your old favourites.

You are welcome to email, message, phone, text or even write to us if you'd like to ask about anything we do.

Commissions are always welcome. Please contact us to discuss what you'd like.

.. and here's the first new painting - 'Safe Harbour', painted using water-based dyes and indelible pens.

Nestled under the luscious green hills and protected by the warm buildings, the harbour is a haven of calm and safety.

Framed original £135

Framed prints from £22.50 - £67.50

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Scarlet Masts

February 5, 2017
New picture - 'Scarlet Masts'

Today fishing continues to flourish in Old Town, Hastings, where tall Net Shops are a unique feature. All fifty are black and wooden and originally built to store fishing gear over the winter. Usable space was at a premium, so Net Shops had to expand upwards when extra space was needed.

When sketching on the shingle beach in Old Town, I was also attracted by the glorious shades of red I saw reflected around me and decided to make these a feature.

The original measures 36" x 24" and costs £225. Framed prints are available from £37.50.

See it here.

The Approaching Storm

February 3, 2017
All is colourful and bright in this little seaside town. But a storm is coming and only the fish, in their underwater world, are safe from it. Original £175, prints from £22.50. See it here


Rainbow Reflections

January 27, 2017

Here's something to cheer you up on a cold winter's day. This new painting is called 'Rainbow Reflections'

In a blaze of all seven rainbow hues, this town's wet streets reflect the beauty of the rainbow above. Follow the spectrum colours across these now sunny and sparkling roofs and windows.

Original £135 
Prints from £22.50

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